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When bees are taken care of with the upmost respect and understanding, they become healthier, stronger and more adaptable! This in turns produces the highest quality products for you and your family to enjoy.

I love working with the bees! Working through the the Master Beekeeper- Fundamentals of Beekeeping Course, through Dalhousie University, has taught me how to be the best advocate and beekeeper I can be! This program can be taken by any level of keeper (yes, even if you don’t have bees yet, but have been thinking about it!) and is highly recommended for anyone in their first few years of Beekeeping.

For more information please click the link below:

Fundamentals of Beekeeping | Dalhousie University Faculty

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Pollinator Party with David Suzuki Foundation

River Bend Bees had a buzzy summer planting pollinator gardens around Oromocto NB this year! We decided to join the David Suzuki Foundation Butterfly Way in order to promote pollinators within the community! With Gesner Street and Summerhill Elementary schools we organized a variety of activities on World Bee Day and taught the students about bees and butterflies. Each school planted a unique garden filled with pollen and nectar rich plants- to create a highway haven for migrating pollinators.


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New Partners!

River Bend Bees has been teaming up with some amazing partners! You can now find us at:


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